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  • Effects of a Family Violence Protective Order

    Under Title 1, Chapter 5 of the Code of Criminal Procedure it states, “Family violence is a serious danger and threat to society and its members.” It continues: “Victims of family violence are entitled to the maximum protection from harm or abuse or the threat of harm or abuse as is permitted by law.” If someone is a victim of family violence (sometimes called domestic violence ), he or she can ...
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  • Prostitution Charges in Fort Worth

    Prostitution is commonly referred to as “one of the oldest trades in existence,” and yet, it’s still against the law almost everywhere in the United States with the exception of a certain part of Nevada. Often, people argue, “Prostitution involves two consenting adults, why on Earth is it still illegal?” While criminalizing prostitution seems ridiculous to some people, there are reasons why it’s ...
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  • Penalties for a First DWI

    Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal in all states. While every state has enacted its own drunk and drugged driving laws, it’s against the law in all states to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or more. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, “About every 20 minutes in Texas, someone is hurt or killed in a crash involving ...
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  • Tarrant County's First Offender Drug Program

    Texas, like Arizona and Florida, is notorious for having some of the toughest laws in the nation, and drug offenses are no exception. If you were recently arrested for a drug crime in Fort Worth or anywhere else in Tarrant County, you probably have a lot of concerns. Will you go to jail? How much will the fines be? How will a criminal record impact your future? Assuming this was your first drug ...
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  • Community Supervision in Tarrant County

    What is Community Supervision, and what happened to Adult Probation? Are they the same thing? In Tarrant County, Community Supervision used to be called Adult Probation. So, they are the same thing; however, we no longer refer to it as Adult Probation. That being said, when you think of probation, think of Community Supervision and you have it right. A judge orders Community Supervision (think ...
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  • White Collar Crime Charges in Fort Worth

    In the United States, our crimes are separated into two categories: state-level crimes, and federal crimes. State legislatures enact state laws, while Congress enacts federal laws. By far the majority of crimes are state crimes, which are prosecuted in the state courts. Common state crimes include: sexual assault, drug possession , driving while intoxicated ( DWI ), theft , and murder. While each ...
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  • Pre-File Investigations in Fort Worth

    Do you have reason to believe that the police are currently investigating you? Perhaps a friend, neighbor, or co-worker said the police were asking questions about you. Or, perhaps you swear you’ve seen detectives or someone following you. If your instincts are right, you may be the target of a police investigation, otherwise known as a “pre-file investigation.” A pre-file investigation simply ...
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  • The Stages of a Criminal Case

    If you’ve recently been arrested for a crime, you are at the preliminary stages of what could be a very long journey through the criminal justice system. The process varies from state to state, but there are several steps that most criminal cases will follow – regardless if the case ends early from a plea bargain or goes through trial litigation. In this blog, our Fort Worth criminal defense ...
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  • Can I Get Fired for a Fort Worth DWI?

    There’s one thing that most of us depend on – economic security. In the face of driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges, clients frequently ask me if they’ll lose their job if they are convicted of DWI, and this is a reasonable question indeed! Since a simple, first-time DWI in Texas is punishable by up to 180 days in jail, it’s important for all DUI defendants to consider how a DWI conviction ...
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