By Law Office of A. Oliver Hassibi

May 9, 2017

Texas, like Arizona and Florida, is notorious for having some of the toughest laws in the nation, and drug offenses are no exception. If you were recently arrested for a drug crime in Fort Worth or anywhere else in Tarrant County, you probably have a lot of concerns. Will you go to jail? How much will the fines be? How will a criminal record impact your future?

Assuming this was your first drug offense, you may be eligible for the Tarrant County First Offender Drug Program, which was specifically created for non-violent offenders so they can take responsibility for their mistake and stop it from happening again.

The First Offender Drug Program is ideal because it helps defendants get to the root of their problem and discover why they turned to drugs in the first place. One of the major advantages is that if a defendant successfully completes the program, his or her charges may be dismissed and they won’t have the stigma of a criminal record.

About the First Offender Drug Program:

  • It is for non-violent offenders.
  • Participants are minimally supervised.
  • Participants are required to plead guilty.
  • The judge postpones sentencing until the participant completes the program.
  • The offender must submit to random drug testing, and hair testing.
  • The offender must check in with his or her case manager.
  • The offender must take a life skills or drug education class.
  • If the case is dismissed, it is eligible for an expunction.
  • The misdemeanor program is 90 days.
  • The felony program is 180 days.

The program is for first-time misdemeanor and felony drug offenders. If approved for the program, the participant cannot use drugs and there is no underage alcohol consumption. If the participant violates any of the program’s conditions, or if they fail to meet the requirements imposed upon him or her, their participation will be terminated, which means the defendant’s case will be formally sentenced based on his or her original guilty plea.

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