Can a Judge Remove a Defense Attorney Within 2 Weeks of a Trial?

A defense attorney has a legal responsibility to defend his or her client's rights during the course of a criminal investigation, hearing or trial. In cases where a defense attorney wishes to be removed as counsel for the defense, or a defendant wishes to change his or her defense attorney prior to going to trial in a Texas federal court, the Judge presiding over the case will have the final decision as to whether or not the defense attorney can be removed. If the trial has not yet begun, and there is a sufficient amount of time for another defense attorney to take over the case, removal may be considered.

Should the defendant wish to hire legal counsel rather than be represented by a public defender, the Judge may consider authorizing such a change providing that it will not disrupt any already scheduled court dates or in progress proceedings. If you do not feel confident with your existing attorney's ability to defend your rights and zealously fight on your behalf in federal court, I strongly advise you contact my firm at once. I will not guarantee that a change will be possible, however I will be able to review your case and advise you on how to proceed.

Should the Judge authorize the removal of your existing defense attorney, I can work with you closely to provide you with the aggressive representation you need to help you avoid the serious penalties that go along with a federal conviction. I have been in practice for more than a decade and during that time I have helped numerous people avoid conviction and obtain the resolution they sought. I have represented clients in both state and federal court, and my success stems from my high ethical standards, professionalism and legal expertise. Contact a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of A. Oliver Hassibi now to discuss your case and learn about the options available to you.