Why It's Better to Hire a Private Attorney Than a Public Defender

When someone has been charged with a crime, they have the right to defense in a court of law. If someone does not have an attorney, one can be appointed to them unless they choose to represent themselves in trial.

What are the benefits of private legal defense?

The public defender system exists in order to allow those who cannot afford an attorney access to their services. With the amount of people being charged with crimes every day in the United States, the public defense system is extremely over-extended, leading to many of these attorneys taking a number of cases without adequate time to prepare their defense.

Some reasons to hire a private attorney:

  • Ample time to devote to developing the best possible defense
  • Field questions and consultation regarding the case
  • Representation for a number of matters, not just criminal
  • Choice of the attorney that best fits the needs of the case
  • Control number of cases they take on
  • Intervene earlier and more efficiently
  • Attend court hearings on behalf of the accused

Public defense programs are best utilized by those who have no other option for legal counsel in a trial. While these may be seen as free, associated court costs and fees that can be incurred if the accused is found guilty of a crime may be more costly than investing in proper legal defense.

With how overworked the American public defense system is, someone accused of the crime will be better suited to hire a private attorney. The Law Office of A. Oliver Hassibi treats our clients with the respect and decency they deserve, understanding that those accused of a crime are trusting us with their future.

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