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Blog Posts in November, 2015

  • What Is a Pre-Trial Release Bond?

    The Purpose of Pre-Trial Release Pre-trial release is a way for those accused of a crime to continue their lives outside of jail until their court date. It was developed as a way for American courts to balance personal liberty against the safety of the community. For this reason, the only defendants who are not given the option of pre-trial release in Texas are those who have committed a capital ...
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  • Should I Accept a Plea Bargain?

    The Purpose of a Plea Bargain Criminal courts are, in general, overworked and understaffed. There are too many cases to take to trial, and both judges and prosecutors actively seek to push as many cases through the criminal process as possible. Plea bargains are a way they accomplish that goal. By giving you incentives to pleading guilty early, prosecutors and judges save the court a massive ...
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