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  • Tax Evasion Charges in Fort Worth

    Given that it’s February and April is around the corner, taxes are on everybody’s mind. A lot of people are afraid of being audited by the IRS, especially those who are not W2 employees, but who are business owners, independent contractors and freelancers. In fact, the fear of an IRS audit is one of the reasons why workers are so careful to file their taxes before the deadline. According to the ...
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  • Protective Orders & Firearm Possession in Texas

    Are you being accused of family violence in Fort Worth or anywhere else in Texas? Or, has your loved one already gone to court and obtained a Family Violence Protective Order against you? If your answer is “yes” to either question and you own or intend to own firearms, it’s important for you to understand how an active Protective Order affects your right to bear arms. If you are named in an active ...
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  • White Collar Crime Charges in Fort Worth

    In the United States, our crimes are separated into two categories: state-level crimes, and federal crimes. State legislatures enact state laws, while Congress enacts federal laws. By far the majority of crimes are state crimes, which are prosecuted in the state courts. Common state crimes include: sexual assault, drug possession , driving while intoxicated ( DWI ), theft , and murder. While each ...
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  • Election 2016: What Are Election Crimes?

    Election Day is finally here! It’s important to note while lining up at the polls to cast your vote that there are numerous laws that protect voter rights in this country. In recent days, those laws have been largely in the public eye thanks to comments from both major Presidential candidates, and the crime of election fraud has started to dominate the headlines. Election Fraud Election fraud can ...
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  • Can a Judge Remove a Defense Attorney Within 2 Weeks of a Trial?

    A defense attorney has a legal responsibility to defend his or her client's rights during the course of a criminal investigation, hearing or trial. In cases where a defense attorney wishes to be removed as counsel for the defense, or a defendant wishes to change his or her defense attorney prior to going to trial in a Texas federal court , the Judge presiding over the case will have the final ...
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