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  • Penalties for Theft in Fort Worth

    Are you facing theft-related charges in Fort Worth or anywhere else in Texas? If so, you’ll be curious to know how theft charges are prosecuted in the Lone Star State. You’ll also want to know the penalties involved. Theft offenses are covered under Title 7, Chapter 31 of the Texas Penal Code. Under Chapter 31, theft can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the value of the ...
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  • Three Holiday Theft Crimes

    The holiday season always leads to a rise in theft crimes as criminals look to capitalize on the frenzy of gift shopping in numerous ways. Today, skilled criminals continue to find new ways to capitalize on the information being passed around in the digital sphere as much as the physical world, often leading to even bigger losses for victims. On this blog, we examine three common holiday theft ...
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  • Five Common Internet Crimes

    While the Internet has provided all of the benefits of near-instantaneous information exchange, it has also become an avenue for a sharp rise in non-violent crimes, and even has been attributed as a factor in the rise of certain violent crimes as well. Thus, nearly every state as well as the federal government have developed stringent and highly-specialized sets of laws governing the use of this ...
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  • When Could I Be Charged with Shoplifting in Texas?

    Under Texas Penal Code Section 31.03, you could be charged with shoplifting under a wide range of circumstances. While the most obvious form of shoplifting would be carrying an item out of a store without paying for it, there are numerous other situations that could lead to a petty theft charge . Switching price tags, improperly concealing an item, under-ringing an item and fraudulently returning ...
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