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If a probation officer suspects that you have violated your probation or a term of your probation, you could face serious consequences. Probation violation offenses can result in re-arrest, or in some cases, even mean that you must return to prison. Only a skilled Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer will know how to prove that your conditions have not been violated, so you should not hesitate to contact my firm immediately.

You may be able to avoid going back to jail or facing the other serious penalties associated with a probation violation by retaining Law Office of A. Oliver Hassibi immediately. I have represented clients in probation hearings, and I know what is needed to discredit any claims against you or use witness testimony to provide an effective alibi. My firm has helped past clients avoid the worst, and I am ready to do the same for you!

What does probation violation mean?

Many people come to me not even knowing that their actions were against the law. There are several ways that a probation officer may accuse you of violating your probation.

Some common examples of probation violations include:

  • Changing homes or jobs without permission
  • Failure to perform community service
  • Failure to attend mandatory treatment or abuse classes
  • Failure to submit to periodic chemical tests
  • Failure to meet with a probation officer at an agreed upon time
  • Possession of illegal drugs
  • Commission of a crime
  • Association with known criminals
  • Any other violation of probation terms

I was accused of a violation – what happens now?

If you have been accused of violating the terms of your probation in Texas, there is no telling what could happen next. Your probation officer may simply issue a warning or require you to appear in court—which may depend on the type of condition that was violated. If you have been notified that you must appear in court, the probation officer will usually request some form of penalty. The sentencing judge will listen to your side of the story and ultimately decide whether or not you are guilty of a probation violation.

It is the prosecuting attorney’s job to prove that a violation has occurred by a “preponderance of evidence” standard, which is a likelihood or more than 50%. If you are found guilty, you could be sentenced to any number of penalties, including additional probation terms, extended probation, community service or even jail time. For this reason, it is imperative that you do not fight these accusations alone; contact a Fort Worth criminal lawyer at the Law Office of A. Oliver Hassibi as soon as possible!

Your Legal Rights at a Probation Hearing

If you have been charged with a probation violation, remember that you have rights. By understanding these rights, you may be able to minimize the penalties you face.

Some of the rights you should be aware of include:
  • You have the right to receive written notice of the alleged violation
  • You have the right to explain your side of the story to a judge in court
  • You have the right to hire a lawyer for your probation violation hearing
  • You have the right to present evidence and witnesses at your hearing

You deserve a second chance!

Unlike the harsh criminal justice system, I know that you deserve a second chance! Much like you, my clients are great people who are outstanding citizens. I know that you have worked hard to avoid serious penalties like additional fines or extended jail time. Don’t risk going without representation; call me to have your side of the story told in court! Don’t let one slip-up dictate your future. No matter what type of probation you were assigned, my experience as a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney can help in your hearing.

Contact the Law Office of A. Oliver Hassibi to schedule your free consultation. My phone lines are always open, and you can trust that I will return your call.