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Have you been charged with theft? No matter how serious your charges, you could be looking at jail time and a lifelong criminal record. From misdemeanor shoplifting to grand theft charges, you will need to retain Fort Worth theft lawyer from my firm.

I have successfully defended numerous theft charges, including:

At my firm, you can find a proven track record of reduced charges and case dismissals. With more than a 10 years of defending my clients' rights as a Fort Worth theft defense lawyer, I am ready to help you.

Defense for Misdemeanor or Felony Theft Charges

Across the board, defendants in Texas can expect to face tough penalties. Texas classifies theft crime penalties according to the amount or value of property stolen and the type of property stolen. In some cases, a theft crime penalty will even be enhanced due to a prior conviction or because violence was involved.

Under Texas Penal Code Title 7, Chapter 31, you could face the following penalties:

  • Class C misdemeanor: Fines up to $500
  • Class B misdemeanor: Fines up to $2,000, jail up to 180 days, or both
  • Class A misdemeanor: Fines up to $4,000, jail up to 1 year, or both
  • State jail felony: Fines up to $10,000, and state jail up to 2 years
  • Third-degree felony: Fines up to $10,000, and imprisonment for up to 10 years
  • Second-degree felony: Fines up to $10,000 and 20 years' imprisonment
  • First-degree felony: Fines up to $10,000 and up to 99 years' imprisonment

If you are convicted of theft, you may be required to pay civil liability damages to a theft victim. This could include payment for any actual damages that was caused by the theft. You must speak with a Fort Worth theft crime attorney to determine your legal options.

Your theft crimes defense is a phone call away!

As an experienced theft crimes attorney in Fort Worth, I have been admitted to practice in both northern and eastern districts of Texas. I can be trusted to represent cases at both state and federal levels and I can use my extensive knowledge of criminal defense law to defend you. At my office, you are always presumed innocent, whether accused of auto theft, identity theft, or simple shoplifting.

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