Aggravated Assault Defense Attorney in Fort Worth, TX

Aggravated Assault Defense Attorney in Fort Worth, TX

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There are different levels of assault charges in Texas law. Simple assault, except in certain situations, is classified as a misdemeanor. These charges only require 1 of 3 circumstances: the intentional (or reckless) harm of another person physically, using physical contact that is provocative or offensive, or the threatening of imminent bodily harm.

However, aggravated assault charges are far more serious.

Aggravated assault is always a felony charge, for one thing—the only difference between aggravated assault charges is whether they are first-degree or second-degree felony charges.

This comes with far harsher consequences, including between 2 and 20 years of prison time and a fine of up to $10,000. First-degree felonies are the same, except the sentence can last between 5 and 99 years, or life imprisonment.

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When Aggravated Assault is a First-Degree Felony

Aggravated assault is any assault action that causes serious bodily harm (as determined by the court) or employs/displays a deadly weapon during the crime. With no other relevant circumstances, that is enough for a second-degree felony charge (and conviction).

Keep in mind, this includes situations where no bodily harm is caused, but the perpetrator threatened bodily harm while displaying a deadly weapon.

Aggravated assault becomes a first-degree felony when:

Aggravated assault charges are distinguished from simple assault in order to punish assault that is far more damaging and life-threatening than simple assault. As a result, prosecutors are able to magnify charges against defendants like you—whether or not they are warranted. The only way to make sure charges are reasonable and correct is by turning to an aggressive and seasoned Fort Worth criminal defense attorney.

For more information about assault charges and their penalties, consult our blog: “The Complete Guide to Assault Charges in Texas.”

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