Assault Defense Attorney in Fort Worth, TX

Assault Defense Attorney in Fort Worth, TX

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Everyone experiences anger or frustration from time to time. Unfortunately, a mere accusation of assault can cause a lifetime of change & regret. If you have been arrested for assault, you will need to talk to a seasoned Fort Worth assault crime attorney.

An assault charge can range in severity – minor offenses are typically charged as misdemeanors, while more severe cases of assault can carry a 1st-degree felony charge. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the crime, you should not waste any time in contacting the Law Office of A. Oliver Hassibi to begin building the defense you need.

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Your Rights After an Assault Charge in Texas

In the state of Texas, a person can commit assault in many ways. Depending on the severity of the crime, assault can be penalized by either misdemeanor or felony charges. The state recognizes the following forms of assault:

Assault with Bodily Injury: In order to commit this offense, it must be proven that you acted in a way that was intentional, knowing, or reckless. Your actions must have caused another person some sort of bodily injury or harm. In assault cases, bodily injury is defined as physical pain or any other impairment to someone else’s physical condition.

Assault with Threat: Even if you did not make physical contact with another person you could be charged with an assault with a threat in the state of Texas. A common example of this is raising your fist in anger toward someone else or expressing some sort of physical threat to another person. It must be proven that you intentionally threatened another person with the intent of imposing physical harm.

Assault by Contact: Assault by contact is committed when a person intentionally or knowingly touches another person in a way that was welcomed. In order to be convicted of assault by contact, it must also be proven that you physically touched another person knowing that the victim would interpret the contact as offensive or provocative.

If you have been charged with any of the above-mentioned offenses, you should contact my firm immediately. With the help of an assault lawyer, you can receive the hard-hitting defense you need to increase your chances of securing a favorable outcome.

What are the penalties for an assault conviction?

Possible consequences associated with an assault conviction include:

  • Excessive fines
  • Prison time
  • Possible payment of restitution to victim
  • Other probationary sentences, such as community supervision
  • Permanent criminal record

If you want more info about statewide assault charges and penalties, take a look at our blog titled “The Complete Guide to Assault Charges in Texas.”

Factors Leading to Penalty Enhancements

If your assault charge is considered to be aggravated, or if you committed sexual assault, your penalties could be enhanced. Do not risk serious penalties associated with an assault charge. Do not speak with anyone until you have consulted your Fort Worth assault defense attorney after an arrest. You have the right to solid legal counsel, so assert your rights by calling my firm!

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