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In modern times, the influence of technology can be felt in nearly every aspect of life. From portable devices to supercomputers, technology has become an integral part of modern culture. Innovation combined with invention allows people to access the Internet from nearly any place in the world and at any time.

The federal government has focused in on this relatively new area of sophisticated crime and has even devoted specific branches of investigative teams to root out perpetrators all over the globe. If you have been accused of an Internet crime in Tarrant County, you need to speak with a Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer immediately.

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You have rights after an arrest!

I have made it my personal mission to make certain that my clients do not experience the harsh repercussions of the criminal system, and I know that your rights deserve to be exercised. The best way to do this is by hiring an attorney and remaining silent after an arrest. If you have been arrested or fear that you may be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you must remember not to speak to anyone.

Even if you feel like consulting your family members is a good idea, remaining silent is the best way to prevent self-incrimination. Combined with swift effort and hard-hitting defense from my Fort Worth criminal defense firm, I can work directly with you to create the best possible defense strategy to help you obtain the best possible end result!

Defending State & Federal Criminal Charges

As a criminal defense attorney, I have been admitted to practice in both Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas. I have successfully defended past clients at state and federal levels, and my extensive experience as a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney can be of great benefit to your case! My phone lines are always open, and I am ready to hear your side of the story.

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